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Different Types of Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system’s purpose is to eliminate the gases generated by an engine’s combustion. An exhaust pipe is basically a tube that travels from the engine to the back of the car. It comprises the catalytic processor, which aids in the purification of gases, as well as other components. There are five different types of emission systems frequently found on automobiles. Some are better suited to standard automobiles, while others are better suited to vehicles with high-performance engines.

Pipe with a Single Exit

The most prevalent form of exhaust system is the one exit type, which is commonly seen on dealer-purchased vehicles and trucks. There is only one exhaust pipe, as the title suggests. These are the most common since they are the cheapest to construct and install. That doesn’t imply they’re the most effective exhaust systems, but the cost savings to the makers makes up for it. The pipe will almost always exit on the vehicle’s rider side.

Twin Rear Exit

Twin rear exit tailpipe systems like those from HKS exhaust Australia are geared towards the sportier side of the range. Or at least they are for those that want their cars to look and sound sportier. It gives the exhaust a richer tone, giving the impression that the automobile has a big engine. Under the rear bumper, there are 2 exhaust pipes on opposing sides of the vehicle. They discharge the gas more efficiently than one exit pipe exhaust designs. The pipes do not bend from around wheels, unlike some of the other systems.

Opposite Twin Exhaust 

Whereas twin back exit exhaust systems do not bend, opposing dual exhaust systems operate in a slightly different manner. They loop around the wheel, adding to the filtration process with the bend. They’re more common in vehicles meant to tow heavy loads.

They’ll be used by those towing trailers or boats because they don’t leave residues on the item being towed. Double rear exhaust systems with opposing dual exhaust pipes are a variation on twin rear exhaust systems that could be more efficient in certain situations.

Twin Side Exhaust

The twin side exhaust is exactly what it sounds like, with 2 exhaust pipes on one side of the car next to one another. Expelling the gases through 2 pipes is more efficient. The tubes are often smaller than it is with individual exhausts, resulting in a fuller sound. They appear and act like high-performance devices, and they actually improve performance. They do it for a fraction of the cost of high-performance emission systems.


High-performance exhaust systems are much more expensive, but they filter out gases more effectively. They aren’t standard, but rather aftermarket items. They may be able to improve the car’s efficiency and performance in some circumstances.

A larger exhaust pipe can lower pressure, resulting in improved engine power. Few individuals are prepared to spend the money required to install truly high-performance exhaust installations, which necessitate manifold modifications. Instead, most people choose systems that sound and look well.

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